The Importance of PCS and Military Housing

If you are in the military and getting a permanent change of station (PCS), covering all the details, big and small, like housing considerations, is essential. That includes your options for housing when you arrive at your new base, verifying your basic allowance for relocation or, specifically, your basic allowance for housing (BAH) information, and other details.

Military housing is always a great option, and it makes the process of transferring stations much easier and more efficient. In many cases, however, there isn’t enough military housing available or a lack of available units. In these situations, your BAH becomes your most valuable resource for buying a house.

BAH Tips Before a PCS

It is important to ensure that all your information is up to date so that your BAH benefits appropriately reflect your qualifying rates. That includes information such as dependents, current rank, and other factors determining your qualifying BAH amount.

Another tip is to take care of all your paperwork as early as possible. Taking early action and being proactive will help avoid any financial headaches on the other end and help your transition work smoothly and with fewer concerns.

Don’t forget to check and see if anyone in your platoon or unit has previously been stationed at your new PCS address. This type of intel will help you to be more informed and better prepared — and provide tips about your new base that you would never otherwise have known.

Other BAH Considerations

While BAH allotments are based on median rental rates of your base locality, and your BAH is applicable for mortgage payments, there are a few facts you should also know.

Any mortgage or rent expense that exceeds your BAH allotment will be an out-of-pocket expense. That is also another good reason to be aware of precisely how much your BAH allotment is and what it covers.

It is also worth noting that your BAH rates don’t change unless there is a change in rank or dependent status, etc. If you can’t live in military housing, BAH options are the next best thing.

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