Fort Liberty Military Relocation: A Guide to Selling Your Home with PCS Orders


Relocating due to Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders can be both an exciting and challenging time for military families. The process involves a significant amount of planning, and one of the most critical steps is selling your current home. If you’re stationed at or near Fort Liberty and facing a PCS move, this guide will help you navigate the complexities of selling your home efficiently and effectively.

Understanding PCS Orders

Permanent Change of Station orders are official military orders that relocate a service member and their family to a different duty station. PCS moves can be local, within the same state, or across the country, and they typically occur every two to four years. The key to a successful PCS move is early preparation and understanding the timeline involved.

Preparing Your Home for Sale

1. Assess the Market

Before listing your home, it’s essential to understand the local real estate market. Conducting a comparative market analysis (CMA) will help you determine your home’s value and set a competitive price. Real estate professionals can provide invaluable insights into the market conditions in the Fayetteville, Hope Mills, and Fort Liberty areas.

2. Declutter and Depersonalize

Potential buyers need to envision themselves in your home. Start by decluttering and removing personal items. This might include family photos, unique decor, and any excess furniture. A clean, neutral space allows buyers to imagine their own belongings and life in the home.

3. Make Necessary Repairs and Improvements

Inspect your home for any necessary repairs. Addressing issues like leaky faucets, broken tiles, or faulty electrical outlets can make a significant difference in a buyer’s perception of your home. Additionally, consider making minor upgrades, such as painting walls in neutral colors, updating light fixtures, or enhancing curb appeal with landscaping.

4. Stage Your Home

Staging your home can make it more appealing to buyers. This involves arranging furniture and decor in a way that highlights your home’s best features. Professional staging services can be a worthwhile investment, or you can utilize online resources for DIY staging tips.

Listing Your Home

1. Choose the Right Real Estate Agent

Working with a knowledgeable real estate agent who understands the unique challenges of a military PCS move is crucial. A good agent will help you price your home correctly, market it effectively, and negotiate with potential buyers.

2. Professional Photography

High-quality photos are essential for attracting buyers. Professional real estate photographers can capture your home in the best light, showcasing its strengths and making it stand out in online listings.

3. Write a Compelling Listing Description

A well-written listing description can pique the interest of potential buyers. Highlight your home’s key features, recent upgrades, and what makes it unique. Mention proximity to Fort Liberty and the amenities in Fayetteville and Hope Mills, as these can be significant selling points for military families.

Marketing Your Home

1. Online Listings

Most buyers start their home search online. Ensure your home is listed on major real estate websites like Zillow,, and the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Your agent should also share your listing on social media platforms to reach a broader audience.

2. Open Houses and Virtual Tours

Hosting open houses can attract local buyers and provide an opportunity for them to view your home in person. Additionally, virtual tours have become increasingly popular, allowing out-of-town buyers to explore your home remotely. This can be especially beneficial for military families who may not have the flexibility to visit in person.

3. Networking

Leverage your personal and professional networks to spread the word about your home sale. Inform neighbors, friends, and colleagues, and ask them to share your listing. Military communities are often close-knit, and word-of-mouth can be a powerful tool.

Navigating Offers and Closing

1. Reviewing Offers

Once you start receiving offers, review them carefully with your real estate agent. Consider not only the offer price but also the terms and contingencies. Military families might prefer buyers who are flexible with closing dates, as PCS orders can sometimes change.

2. Negotiating Terms

Be prepared to negotiate with potential buyers. Your agent will guide you through this process, helping you secure the best possible terms. Flexibility and open communication are key to successful negotiations.

3. Finalizing the Sale

Once you’ve accepted an offer, the closing process begins. This involves inspections, appraisals, and finalizing paperwork. Your agent will coordinate with all parties involved to ensure a smooth transaction. Be proactive in providing any necessary documents and completing tasks on time.

Moving Out and Moving On

As you approach the final stages of selling your home, it’s time to prepare for the move. Create a moving checklist, notify utility companies, and arrange for movers. Ensure you have all necessary documents for your new duty station and update your address with relevant institutions.

The Role of a Trusted Real Estate Partner

For military families, the Permanent Change of Station (PCS) process can be a rollercoaster ride of emotions, logistics, and decisions. One of the most critical aspects of a PCS move is finding the right place to call home. Fayetteville, Hope Mills, and Fort Liberty, NC, are popular destinations for military personnel due to their proximity to military installations like Fort Bragg. In this journey, experienced realtor Phillip Fehler stands out as a valuable ally, ensuring families find not just a house, but a home.

Phillip understands the unique needs of military families. With his deep knowledge of the Fayetteville area and its real estate market, he can help families find homes close to Fort Bragg, ensuring a convenient commute for service members. Whether it’s a cozy suburban home or a spacious property in a family-friendly neighborhood, Phillip ensures families find a place where they can thrive.

Hope Mills, just a stone’s throw away from Fayetteville, offers a peaceful retreat from the bustle of city life. Nestled around Hope Mills Lake, this town provides a serene backdrop for military families looking for a quiet place to call home. Phillip Fehler recognizes the appeal of Hope Mills and can guide families through its real estate offerings.

Phillip stays updated on the latest developments in Fort Liberty and its surrounding areas. He can help military families find homes in newly established neighborhoods or guide them through the process of building their dream home from the ground up. With Phillip’s assistance, families can settle into Fort Liberty with ease, knowing they’ve made the right choice for their future.

Phillip Fehler isn’t just a realtor; he’s a trusted partner for military families embarking on a PCS move. Phillip understands the unique challenges that military families face. He goes above and beyond to ensure his clients find homes that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.


A military PCS move to Fayetteville, Hope Mills, or Fort Liberty, NC, can be a smooth and stress-free experience with the right support. Phillip Fehler’s expertise, dedication, and passion for helping military families make him the ideal choice for finding home in these vibrant communities. With Phillip by their side, military families can look forward to a bright and promising future in their new homes. Contact him today.